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Welcome to TrellisPro

TrellisPro is a revolutionary trellis system that will change the way your garden grows. TrellisPro is designed to make trellising any garden as easy and efficient as possible. Our patented system is designed to fully support any plant both horizontally and vertically to maximize the distribution of weight and ease of access. TrellisPro is a stackable system, so as your plants grow, the TrellisPro can grow with them to ensure that each plant is supported from top to bottom and inside to out. TrellisPro is made of galvanized steel to make sure it will last for decades and prevent all that waste of bamboo, plastic netting, and hours of labor.

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Stack your way to the top

TrellisPro  is a modular and completely customizable trellising solution. We provide trellising solutions for every garden, weather you like growing huge 15 foot plants or you grow in a small greenhouse. From garages to warehouses, and big farms to backyards, our patented system will save you time and money. We will work with you to make sure your plants are supported in every way.

Every year growers all over, put their blood, sweat and tears into their crops, growing medicine for the people. Being a grower means long days in the sun, maintaining each plant to a meticulous degree; hours and hours of labor, transplanting, watering, fertilizing, foliar feeding, pruning, leaf picking, spraying, tying up and trellising. The more you do, the better and bigger the plants get. Keeping them from collapsing in the end, under all of that weight, can be difficult and expensive, especially with large outdoor plants, and when those late season storms come rolling through, with all that rain and wind. The plants can triple in weight overnight, and the branches and flowers often snap and break. Suddenly, all of that work is in jeopardy if the plants are not properly supported. Rain or shine, the flowers will get so heavy that they can't hold themselves up any more. That's why tying up and trellising is so important, but at what cost? Hours of labor, miles of plastic netting, whole forests of bamboo, enough concrete wire and T posts to pave a highway, plus rolls and rolls of string, green tape, and thousands of zip ties. Then you have the cuts, bruises and backaches from all of that labor, and/or you're broke because you paid someone else to help. Trellising can be a big job, and the more plants in the garden, the harder it gets, because each plant needs attention at the same time. That's why I invented TrellisPro; it's a simple, easy to assemble, all encompassing trellising system that is stackable and durable. Consider how much is spent on trellising each plant, each season, in an outdoor garden. It adds up to be hundreds of dollars, half of the materials aren't reusable, and end up trashed at the end of the year. What a waste of time and money, plus all that garbage. TrellisPro takes care of it all, saving the grower precious time and money, easily paying for itself in the first year, and lasting for decades So, what are you waiting for?

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