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TrellisPro Galvanized Wire Mesh

TrellisPro wire mesh is a simple, cost effective, sustainable, and long term solution to your trellising needs.

Our galvanized wire mesh comes in flat panels instead of rolls and have large 6"x6" spacing for easy access to the plant. We have standard sizes in 4'x4' through 8'x8' and 4'x6' 4'x8' 4'x10', but we can also customize our wire mesh to any shape, size, and spacing you may need. Each panel is made from 12 gauge pre-galvanized steel wire that is welded into a mesh, right here in California. Trellis Pro wire mesh can easily be mounted to existing posts or other infrastructure using simple clips, clamps or ties. Growers can use the panels in a vertical or horizontal plane to support their plants and our wire mesh side panels can be easily hung from the wire mesh panels to provide both vertical and horizontal support for the plants.


For all of the DIY growers out there, we offer you an alternative to the same old plastic netting that has been used for years as a cheap and easy way to trellis, but it ends up being a giant pain in the ass and goes straight to the landfill every year. This wire mesh is a perfect solution. Galvanized wire mesh lasts for decades and won't sag, bent, bind, or cut into the plant as they get heavy. The wire mesh provides a sturdy structure that will support the plant and not just collapse under the weight of the flowers, making it less likely to break. So if you feel like ditching the plastic, check out our price catalog or contact us for a quote. 

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