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TrellisPro Indoor Model

The indoor model is designed to work inside confined spaces to maximize yields. Weather your growing in a garage or a warehouse, our patented system can be used to support every plant, on what ever tables or trays you may be using, with very little effort. TrellisPro comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we can custom build any size you may need. Many indoor growers only need a couple of levels of trellising for there grows, so we provide custom frames that are slim, stackable, and modular. Making it easy to stack them high or to cover long rows of tables or planter beds by stacking them side by side. We provide these indoor models in two stack full units, as shown above. Because every indoor operation is different, we have plenty of individual frames, in all kinds of sizes, available for you to choose from in our pricing catalog and custom orders are always available. Just give us a call and we will work with your individual needs to get your gardens fully supported from top to bottom and inside to outside of your canopy.

Every TrellisPro level is held up by identical 16" legs for uniformity and ease of assembly. However, we can customize the length of the legs to suit your needs. The bottom/foundation level can be supported/mounted in many different ways, including adjustable base legs for uneven ground or steep terrain, footings for level surfaces, and even rollers, casters, or wheels for mobility on hard surfaces. No matter what your situation we have a way to adapt TrellisPro to your facility.

Each Trellis Pro level comes with 2 or 4 side panels of welded wire mesh, depending on weather you are, stacking them side by side or stacking them tall. These side panels hang from the side of the frames to provide vertical support for flowering branches. Additional side panels are available upon request, so you can customize the Trellis Pro any way you want. The side panels are easily hung and removed from the frames and are designed to fill the space between each level and the legs. This allows the plant to literally grow right through the Trellis Pro and support all of the flowers as they bloom 

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