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TrellisPro Outdoor Model

This model is great for any use. Whether you are growing in ground, raised beds, trenches or canvas pots. This model supports even the biggest plants and provides superior stability, while also providing accessibility. This figure shows an 8'x8' unit, but we make this unit in 4'x4', 5'x5', 6'x6', 7'x7',  and 8'x8', as well as 10'x10' upon special request.

The lower two levels of this unit do not have horizontal wire mesh attached to the frames, to allow the large branches to grow unhindered, but the cross bracing and center circle is there to provide support for the branches and the stalk, and to also provide a place to tie up the main branches so they won't break away from the stalk under heavy weight or in strong winds.

The top three levels have the horizontal wire mesh attached to the frame and cross brace to provide much needed support and stability to the ends of the branches as they grow and flower. Also providing space to train your plant in any direction you like. Additional levels of any size are available individually, so as your plants grow the TrellisPro can grow with them.


Each level is held up by identical 16" legs for uniformity and ease of assembly. However, we can customize the length of the legs to suit your needs. The bottom/foundation level can be supported/mounted in many different ways, using adjustable base legs for uneven ground or steep terrain, Footings for level surfaces, and even rollers, casters, or wheels for mobility on hard surfaces.

Each Trellis Pro  outdoor unit comes with 12 side panels of welded wire mesh, that hang from the side of the frames to provide vertical support for flowering branches. Additional side panels are available upon request, so you can customize the Trellis Pro any way you want. The side panels are easily hung and removed from the frames and are designed to fill the space between each level and the legs. This allows the plant to literally grow right through the Trellis Pro and support all of the flowers as they bloom 

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