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Product Overview

TrellisPro  is a modular, and completely customizable trellising solution. We provide trellising solutions for every garden, weather you like growing huge 15 foot plants or you grow in a small greenhouse, in your back yard. From garages to warehouses, and big farms to backyards, our patented system will save you time and money. As trellis professionals we will work with you to make sure your plants are supported in the best possible way.


TrellisPro comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate all of your growing needs.  We have square units, for large outdoor plants, including 4'x4', 5'x5', 6'x6', 7'x7', and 8'x8' dimensions. We also have rectangular units, that are perfect for greenhouse and indoor applications, these units come in 4'x6', 4'x8', and 4'x10' dimensions and are designed to support many smaller plants instead of one large plant. No matter what size or how many plants you like to grow, we've got you covered.  TrellisPro is a stackable system designed to support plants both vertically and horizontally, and with the side panels, you won't be spending hours in the field tying them up. The side panels simply hang from the trellis frame on each side to fully support the flowering branches. The welded wire mesh is spaced to make sure you can still reach in and maintain the plant. Each level is held up by identical 16" legs for uniformity and ease of assembly. However, we can customize the length of the legs to suit your needs. 

We have also recently developed a sliding trellis system that is equally effective in supporting many plants as the stackable system is. Our sliding system was designed to accommodate growers in greenhouse and indoor operations that don't have the space to down stack a stackable system. This new sliding system works very much like the stackable system, but instead of using removable legs for each TrellisPro layer, each layer simply slides up and down vertical posts that have been mounted to the tables or benches. This allows the grower adjust where they want the TrellisPro layers to be during transplants, vegetative or flowering growth periods, and harvesting. For more information on the sliding system go to the sliding TrellisPro page.  

Trellis Pro exploded base level.jpg
footing & leg web graphic.jpg
Trellis Pro exploded greenhouse drawing

Product Assembly

Setting up the TrellisPro is simple, with our easy to level foundation and adjustable base legs. TrellisPro can be anchored to the ground for extra strength, or simply set on a level surface with footings. To assemble the TrellisPro on a level or flat surface, simply insert the legs into the footings. Then insert the legs into the corner leg sleeves on the foundation frame and place it over you growing area. If needed, level the foundation, using a magnetic bubble level.


If you are assembling the TrellisPro on uneven ground or hillsides use the adjustable base legs to level the foundation. Start by placing the foundation frame over the growing area or on top of your pot. Then cut some half inch rebar into 3 to 4 foot sections, to use as stakes in the ground. Slide the rebar through each corner leg sleeve and hammer them about 2 feet into the ground or until they are even with the top of the leg sleeves. Make sure to leave at least 15 inches of rebar sticking out of the ground, as these pieces of rebar will be the anchors for the adjustable base legs. Next, move the foundation frame off of the rebar and slide the adjustable base legs onto the rebar, then place the foundation frame back on the rebar and slide the adjustable base legs up in to the leg sleeves and  loosely tighten the bolts on the base leg. Lastly, level the foundation frame, using a magnetic bubble level, and tighten the bolt all the way down to secure them to the rebar. Don't tighten them too much, just till they are good and snug. Make sure the foundation is a few inches above the growing medium, so you can maintain the growing area unhindered.

Once the foundation is placed and leveled over the growing area, simply plant a young plant in the center circle, for an outdoor model or many plants under the wire mesh, for a greenhouse/indoor model. When the plant grows 12 to 16 inches, you simply stack on another level, by inserting 4 legs into the top of the leg sleeves and placing another level on those legs. As the plants grow, just keep adding levels and hanging side panels, as you watch your plants grow right through the TrellisPro.


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